What factors influence your blood alcohol concentration?

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When it comes to blood alcohol concentration (BAC), it’s important to remember that it’s not exactly the same for everyone. If two people go out and have the same number of drinks, their BAC will not be identical. One person could be under the legal limit and assume that it’s safe for them to drive, while another person could be over the limit.

So what factors should you consider? It does start with the manner of consumption. How many drinks did you have? How quickly did you consume them? Have you eaten any food or had any water earlier in the day? But there are also personal factors to consider.

Your individual details

Essentially, the individual details that apply to you differently than someone else can have an impact on how fast your blood alcohol concentration goes up. Examples of these details include:

  • Your weight 
  • Your sex or gender 
  • Any medications that you are taking 
  • Your body’s enzyme production levels 
  • Your water composition

Some of these details can be related. For example, women tend to be smaller than men, which is why both size and gender can play a role. If a 100-pound woman has two glasses of wine, her BAC is likely going to be much higher than a 200-pound man who also had two glasses of wine.

Are you facing criminal charges?

This gives you some idea of how your BAC changes so that you can avoid driving under the influence, but you may already have been arrested on drunk driving allegations. If so, you need to know about your criminal defense options to protect your future.