Month: November 2021

How to peacefully and effectively co-parent through prom season 

Prom is among the highlights of most kids’ high school years – especially their senior prom. For parents, it’s a mix of excitement, nostalgia for their own prom and concern about their child’s safety. For separated and divorced parents, there’s typically an extra...

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3 benefits of creating a parenting plan

Child custody is an integral part of a divorce involving children. In Michigan, a child has a right to parenting time with each parent unless stated otherwise by a judge. Thus, it will help to create a plan to ensure your kid(s) are well taken care of after your...

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3 things to tell your kids during your divorce

One of the more difficult things that parents have to do when they decide to divorce is tell the children. This can be a traumatic time for them, but it’s something that must be done.  In most cases, it’s best if both parents gather all the children together and tell...

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