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Arrested For Suspicion Of Impaired Driving?

Operating a vehicle while intoxicated in Michigan is against the law. If you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI/OWI), the charges can be complex and confusing. Penalties vary depending on whether you are charged for impairment by drugs, alcohol or both. If you are convicted, the penalties are steep. You could be contending with the suspension of your driver’s license for six months. This penalty increases to a one-year mandatory suspension for higher blood alcohol content levels.

A conviction can also result in a fine up to $500, 93 days jail time, court-ordered participation in rehabilitation or treatment programs, hundreds of community service hours, driver’s license reinstatement fees, ignition interlock device and points added to your driving record. This is for the first offense. Second and third offenses add on steeper penalties such as fines up to $5,000, imprisonment for five years, confiscation of your license plate, vehicle forfeiture and more.

Hiring the right lawyer can make a significant difference in the outcome of your case. At , we understand how high the stakes are for even your first DUI/OWI arrest. Our seasoned defense attorneys care about how a drunk driving conviction could impact your job, your financial future and your reputation. We will aggressively protect your rights. Call us at 616-369-7452 as soon as possible following your arrest.

We Will Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

All drivers in Michigan are required to take a chemical test if arrested for driving intoxicated under the implied consent law. The Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) enforces license suspensions under this law. Criminal penalties are issued by Michigan’s criminal court.

But this does not mean you have no due process rights. Law enforcement sometimes gets it wrong or steps outside the boundaries of your protections under the law. If you are stopped for suspicion of driving while drunk or impaired by drugs, law enforcement will have to prove:

  • An intoxicating substance – usually alcohol or drugs – substantially affected your ability to drive safely
  • Blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or more – usually through a chemical test
  • Blood alcohol content of .17 or more for higher penalties

Due process means you have a right to being treated fairly. If your drunk driving arrest is the outcome of profiling or illegal search and seizure, our criminal defense attorneys will ensure your rights are recognized by the court, the prosecution and law enforcement.

Our attorneys will take the time to listen to the whole story. We will gather the facts and develop a straightforward path to minimize the potential penalties you are facing.

Get An Attorney Right Away After An Arrest. Call Us: 616-369-7452.

We are experienced criminal defense attorneys who will stand by you in the confusing criminal justice system. We will fight to defend your constitutional rights from start to finish. You may also reach out to , in Grand Rapids online through this website to schedule a free consultation.