Why “oversharing” is a bad idea during divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Divorce |

When you’re going through a divorce, it’s only natural to want to vent – but you need to be very careful about who you talk to during this time and what you say. 

If you “overshare” by giving out too much information about your divorce and related issues, you could end up creating a lot of problems for yourself. 

It could make your divorce a lot harder 

There’s no question that divorce is an emotionally charged situation, and sharing too much about your situation (or your future ex-spouse’s shortcomings) can inflame existing conflicts. 

If your words get back to your spouse (and they likely will), that can make it much more difficult to work together and reach amicable agreements about the division of the marital property and debts, support or parenting. 

It could damage your relationship with your children

If your children end up hearing what you say, you could damage your relationship with them. Depending on the issues involved, they may be angry at the idea that you’re putting their private lives on public display or because you’re hurting their other parent.

It could end up hurting you professionally

Once you share information, you lose control over how it’s interpreted and where it’s repeated. Others may twist your words or misinterpret situations, and you could end up looking like “the bad guy” in the relationship very easily.

If you run a business or have a high-profile position in a company, damage to your personal reputation could also affect your livelihood. Your colleagues or employers may view you in a different light, especially if they think you’re either obsessing about your divorce at work or vying for sympathy

It can be tough to keep your feelings to yourself while you’re going through a divorce, but it’s best to try. Find a trusted friend, relative or therapist that you can confide in to get through this with your privacy intact, and rely on experienced legal guidance to help you through the rest.