2 things to consider if you are falsely accused of domestic violence

On Behalf of | May 23, 2023 | Domestic Violence |

A loved one can falsely accuse you of domestic violence due to revenge, having the upper hand on a matter like a child custody case or misunderstanding of a situation. In Michigan, domestic violence is one of the most sensitive crimes. The government does its best to protect victims. Thus, you may easily face severe penalties if you are accused of it.

You should fight to protect yourself. The following are two things to consider when you are falsely accused of this crime.

Avoid contacting the accuser

You should not contact the accuser in any way, as this can worsen the issue. If they reach out to you, be careful about what you say if you have to pick up the call or meet them. For instance, if you are in a custody battle, when meeting the other parent during exchange day, ensure it’s in a public place or where witnesses are around, and keep your interaction minimal.

Remain calm

Not only can a domestic violence allegation harm your relationships, but also it can affect your job. Some careers take this charge so seriously that one may lose their license. In addition, you may potentially go to jail. Therefore, you have a lot to lose, and staying calm may not be the emotion you will resort to first. 

However, getting angry and confronting the accuser is not the best move. It will help to surround yourself with loved ones during this time. You can also go to therapy to find tools to help you remain calm.

Domestic violence is not a charge you can overlook. When you are accused of it, get legal guidance to make informed decisions.