How we can help you with a potential divorce

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Divorce is not the four-letter word it once was, but this does not mean that it has become any easier. Even just the decision to file for divorce is normally an arduous choice. After all, especially for those that have been married for decades, the thought of starting a new, separate life, can be scary.

Demisting the process

Divorce, and the laws that surround it, has many misconceptions. But, we explain to our clients that a divorce is actually a lawsuit that is filed in circuit court. This lawsuit sets in motion the legal proceeding that dissolves a marital union and divides the assets and debts mutually earned during that time as fairly as possible.

In our state, Michigan, we will in what is known as a “no-fault” divorce state. This, essentially, means that neither party in the marriage has to prove that the other party is at fault in order to obtain a divorce from the family law court.

Experience matters

At Gordon & Hess, PLC, we have the experience our clients need. We understand that while either party can file for divorce and Michigan is a “no fault” state, this does not mean that fault is not relevant. Indeed, depending on the circumstances of one’s case, a party’s “fault” may become extremely relevant. This is especially important when one party is seeking more than a simple 50/50 split in the property division process. This is why we offer free initial consultations.

How long will this take?

In our state, we can usually finalize a divorce after around 60 days from the date the divorce complain is filed. But, if minor children are involved, this timeline extends to at least 180 days. And, depending on one’s individualized circumstances, the divorce process may take even longer. Though, if a couple can reach an amicable solution prior to filing, the process will take much less time and be much less fraught for Grand Rapids, Michigan, couples.