9 Warning Signs that Parental Alienation is Present

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2018 | Divorce |

Early warning signs of parental alienation might include things like:

  1. Exclusionary requests by the child (don’t come to my baseball games)
  2. Oppositional or oppositional-defiant disorder in a child that previously demonstrated none or minimal symptoms
  3. Shut out or requests made by the child to not attend parent/teacher conferences.
  4. Shut out from school meetings (by the other parent via subtle and not so subtle methods) and no longer listed as contact parent for school/camp
  5. Being challenged by your child; they become argumentative and combative and, in the extreme form, exhibit provocations to the point of explosive rage reactions back to your child
  6. A sense of entitlement to receive parental tasks/gifts yet arrogance of how they are better than this parent
  7. A failure of the child to identify any prior positive bonding experiences
  8. Denigration of the targeted parent that he/she can’t do anything right. In fact, you might hear words from the targeting parent repeated which can be very triggering
  9. The child takes responsibility for the alienation and rejection; it was their idea. When confronted they don’t acknowledge manipulation by the pathological parent; in fact, they hold the process of rejecting as their own.