How Can I Prevent a Friend from Drinking and Driving?

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When you go out drinking with friends, you should always designate a driver first or ensure there are adequate sleeping arrangements at the house where you plan on socializing. Nothing can ruin a fun night faster than a DUI arrest—or a serious motor vehicle collision.   If one of your friends does attempt to drive after drinking, it can be challenging to stop him or her, especially if you have been drinking yourself. You should do everything in your power to prevent your friends from driving under the influence, though, because doing so could have lasting legal repercussions or even fatal consequences. Perhaps you are the friend who ended up driving home after a night out only to have police pull you over and arrest you for DUI. Although it is not your friends’ responsibility to look after you, you probably wish that they had stopped you from driving every time you consider the potential penalties that you now face. If you were charged with DUI in Michigan, a criminal defense lawyer from Gordon & Hess, PLC will assess the circumstances of your arrest and help you devise a strategic defense. Our attorneys offer 30 years of combined experience representing clients throughout west Michigan. Call 616-369-7452 to schedule a case evaluation with a criminal attorney in Grand Rapids. Read on to learn a few tips for preventing your friends from drinking and driving:

  1. Address the Issue at the Beginning of the Night

According to Slate, the easiest way to prevent drinking and driving among your friend group is to devise a plan ahead of time. If you wait until the end of the night to figure out how everyone will get home, there may not be an eligible designated driver left, and your friends may become belligerent when you try to stop them from driving themselves.

  1. Suggest Alternate Ways of Getting Home

If your friend is insistent on getting home that same night, suggest alternatives to driving. Offer to call a cab, arrange for a sober friend to drive, or take advantage of an affordable ride-sharing program in your city.

  1. Avoid Being Confrontational

You may feel strongly about preventing your friend from driving, and it is certainly frustrating to try to reason with someone who is intoxicated, but you should aim to be as calm as possible. Your friend is less likely to listen to you if you are yelling or trying to bully him or her into giving you the keys.

  1. Enlist the Help of Others

When your friend is being particularly stubborn, ask those around you for help. It is easy to blow off one person, but when two or more people who care about you are trying to persuade you to do something, you are more likely to listen. If you and your friends failed to designate a driver the last time you went out together and you are now facing DUI charges as a result, contact Gordon & Hess, PLC. A criminal attorney from our team will assess your situation to determine if police made any procedural errors that could work in your defense. Call 616-369-7452 to schedule a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer in Grand Rapids. If you want to learn more about fighting DUI charges in Michigan, visit