Is your marriage heading toward divorce?

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Most people can’t pinpoint one specific incident that led to their divorce. Instead, there are usually a bunch of little things that caused the marriage to dissolve slowly. 

Knowing the signs that a marriage is failing may help you to prepare for a divorce or to try to save the marriage. 

No more fighting

Contrary to what some people believe, a lack of fighting can signal that you’re heading toward a divorce. This is common when at least one person doesn’t care enough to argue about things that used to bother them. This is often coupled with emotional disengagement, which occurs when one person isn’t willing to invest any emotions into the relationship. 

No more physical connection

Lack of intimacy, which includes physical contact, is another sign that the marriage is ending. For some, physical intimacy requires an emotional connection. Not feeling anything when you’re intimate could also mean that the marriage is through. 

No more marital focus

Married couples should continue to plan for the future. Being unwilling to do this or fantasizing about life without your spouse is problematic. You might even take it a step beyond that and start preparing for the life you want without them. 

One thing to remember is your safety and your children’s safety must be a priority so if you’re in danger, try to make plans to leave as quickly as possible. 

If you think that you’re going to go through a divorce, it’s best to start protecting your rights now. Knowing what to gather and what information you need can be helpful. Discuss your case with someone familiar with the process so they can help you to learn more about the process.