Trust problems in a marriage can lead to divorce

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What attracts people to each other? Lots of characteristics can bring a couple together at the start of their relationship and throughout its duration. Looks, common interests and goals, shared values, similar upbringings and the ease of being in each other’s company are just a few.

But other, deeper qualities loom large in successful relationships and marriages. Trust is prominent among them. If you can’t trust a spouse, what value does your marriage really have? Furthermore, what chance does the marriage have of enduring and fulfilling both of you?

Having scant faith in your spouse can be a huge issue in a marriage. Without it, the marriage can feel fragile and superficial. Harboring suspicious thoughts about your partner and voicing them can cause serious arguments that leave both of you very unhappy.

Ways to mend your marriage when a lack of trust threatens it

Trust problems do not automatically doom a marriage. Trust can be nurtured. By letting your partner know how important they are to you and improving mutual communication, even a tattered relationship can flourish anew.

Warning signs of trust problems in your marriage

Major red flags that you should be wary of:

  • You discover that your spouse cheated in an earlier relationship
  • You scarcely know the people they hang out with
  • Your spouse flirts, although they realize it disturbs you
  • There is underlying uneasiness in the relationship
  • Your spouse seems to keep an awful lot to themselves instead of discussing things with you
  • One or both of you have boundaries in your lives that the other is not allowed to cross

You have tried everything to no avail

You and your spouse may have made a sincere commitment to reviving trust in your marriage, but the effort has not worked. If that is the case, then it may be time to think about whether you want to stay together or seek a divorce.