Three steps to take if you are served with divorce papers

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When your spouse serves you with divorce papers it may come as a complete surprise or, if your marriage was floundering for a while, no surprise at all. Either way, you will want to take certain steps if you are served with divorce papers to protect your interests throughout the divorce process.

Address the emotional aspects of divorce

You will feel many emotions throughout the divorce process. You may be confused, sad, anxious or angry at times. Do not be afraid to seek help. A counselor can help you look at your divorce objectively so you can make sound decisions based on logic and reality, rather than making rash decisions based on heightened emotions. Even activities such as journaling and meditation can help you clear your thoughts and reduce stress.

Make your kids your number one priority

If you have children, you will want to make them your number one priority. Divorce is traumatic for children. If you and your estranged spouse can stop fighting and put the child’s needs first it can help your child work through a very difficult time. Through effective co-parenting, parents can ensure that their child’s physical and emotional needs are met.

Consider seeking legal counsel

Even if you want to try to settle your divorce on friendly terms it can still help to seek the advice of an attorney. There may be divorce issues you are not equipped to handle on your own and an attorney can explain your rights and options throughout the divorce process. This can help even if you ultimately settle your divorce out-of-court.

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