How can couples save their marriage?

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If one is reading this blog, it is possible that they are thinking about divorce. Thoughts of divorce can come up for a variety of reasons. But, especially during the last 12 months, with the divorce tsunami in full swing, thoughts of divorce are natural. After all, we have been dealing with more stress and danger during these times than any other time in our lifetimes. This is why we have listed some tips below to help couples save their marriage.

Support through tragedy

Infidelity is the hot button term that many think is the primary reason for divorce. However, other than money, many divorcing couples point to a major tragedy as a reason for a divorce. This could be the loss of a job, the death of a family member, the loss of a child, serious illness, etc. These types of major life events and tragedies test marriage bonds, and how spouses support each other through these major life events can be the difference between a blissful marriage or divorce. Offer support and be there, and if needed, suggest counseling where appropriate.

Help is just a call away

Speaking of counseling, marriage counseling no longer has any sort of shame or stigma attached to it. And, in fact, it can be a key lifeline for marriages, and some counselors and therapists are so busy now that they have begun to turn away patients. Counseling can be both singularly, as a couple or some combination of both. They key though is to call for help before it is too late. It can be incredibly cathartic and marriage saving.

Do not forget about the little things

Most people are surprised to learn that the day after Valentine’s Day, February 15, is known as “D-Day” because it is the most popular day to file for divorce. This is because a disappointing Valentine’s Day is often the last straw for an unhappy spouse that has followed many unhappy holidays. Some spouses forget that, just become a couple is married, does not mean the courting has ending. Small gifts and flowers for no reason are good starters, but even just random texts of, “I love you,” and morning coffee and breakfast can go a long way. Just keep in mind that minor acts of love build a strong relationship that is much greater than the sum of their parts.

We still need help

Unfortunately, these tips will not work for everyone. And, if a Grand Rapids, Michigan, couple has reached the natural end of their marriage, the next call should be to a divorce attorney. Divorce attorneys can help couples find a path to new, happier life.