Five men accused of plot to kidnap Michigan governor

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There are many things that an individual in Michigan may plan to do but will never go through with that. However, planning to commit a crime and not following through with it is not the same as planning to join a gym and not moving forward with it. Merely planning to commit a certain type of crime could be viewed as a substantial step towards the completed crime, causing an individual to face serious criminal charges.

Kidnapping plot

Based on recent reports, five men were accused for plotting to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer, the Governor of Michigan. All five men are Michigan residents, while a sixth man is currently being held in Delaware. With the use of confidential sources, undercover agents and clandestine recordings, the FBI was able to uncover information related to the alleged kidnapping conspiracy. This resulted in their arrest.


These allegations were based on evidence that supposedly ties some of the defendants to coordinated surveillance of the governor’s vacation home during the months of August and September. It was purported that the men sought to retaliate against the governor due to the decisions made amid the pandemic. It was further purported that four of the five men had plans to meet in early October to pay for explosives and exchange tactical gear. If convicted, the defendants could face up to life in prison.

Facing serious criminal allegations is an overwhelming and emotional time for the accused. This is heightened in matters involving a public figure. Thus, when one navigates the criminal defense process, it is not only imperative to understand one’s rights but also take steps to protect their reputation and integrity, as mere allegations could have damaging effects on the accused.