Alleged drunk driver collides with sheriff’s patrol car

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

Driving in our state has its share of dangers. But, being accused of operating while intoxicated is a unique and scary situation. However, when one is charged with this based on an accident with a police patrol, the situation is even scarier. This is the situation one Oakland County, Michigan, resident is dealing with right now

The accident

According to county authorities, a red SUV collided with an Oakland County Sheriff’s patrol car. The patrol car was heading northbound on Dixie Highway. The patrol car was struck by the red SUV, which was traveling southbound after 5:00 a.m. Both vehicles were severely damaged, and both drivers had minor injuries.

OCS claimed that the SUV driver was operating the vehicle while intoxicated. They based this finding on a blood draw done after the accident. As a result, the driver is now in the Oakland County Jail.

Options for the accused

If one is arrested for driving under the influence (known as, DUI or OWI), the accused is definitely facing an uphill battle. Penalties will depend on whether one is charged with an impairment by alcohol, drugs or both. If convicted, the penalties are steep, including fines and jail time. Often though, this also means loss of educational (i.e., student loans, college admissions, etc.) and employment opportunities (i.e., employers not willing to hiring felons, jobs that require a clean dirving record, etc.).

Just become one is accused does not mean that the accused will be found guilty. Crafting a detailed and strategic defense can make the difference though. Hiring the right lawyer can the difference because the defense can determine the outcome.