What types of assault crimes are recognized in Michigan?

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Some disagreements between two people are settled relatively amicably, after a good conversation and some understanding and forgiveness. However, other times arguments become hostile, leading to charges of assault or assault and battery.

Assault and battery

Many people think that assault and battery are the same crime, but this is not entirely true. Michigan law addresses a variety assault-based crimes. Perhaps the most well known are assault or assault and battery. These are misdemeanor crimes, which could lead to 93 days in prison and a fine of up to $500 or both.

Other types of assault crimes

Other types of assault crimes are based on the circumstances surrounding the crime. For example, in addition to simple assault or assault and battery, a person could be charged with assault with infliction of serious bodily harm if their actions seriously injure someone else. Assault with intent to commit murder is also illegal. In addition, if a person intends to cause someone great bodily harm, but does not intend to murder, strangle or suffocate the person, this is a separate type of assault crime.

Assaulting, battering, resisting, obstructing or opposing someone who is in the process of performing a duty is also a crime in Michigan. Armed or unarmed assault committed with the intention to rob and steal is also against the law in Michigan.

Seek assistance if you are accused of an assault crime

Ultimately, this is only a brief overview of some assault crimes in Michigan. There are assault-based crimes in Michigan not discussed here. For a full explanation of assault crimes in Michigan, it can help to discuss the matter with a professional to better understand your rights and options.