Criminal charges lodged for domestic abuse and counterfeiting

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

Any criminal charges in Michigan can have serious ramifications that may negatively impact a person’s life. They can be incarcerated, fined and face a variety of long-term legal, personal and professional problems. This is especially true for domestic incidents and counterfeiting. Combining these violations and there can be extended penalties. One man is dealing with this situation after he was arrested. Crafting a strong defense is paramount to address these charges and seek an acceptable outcome.

The man, 32, was accused of assaulting a 31-year-old female companion. He was also said to have tried to use a counterfeit $10 bill at a service station. This series of incidents commenced in the late evening at shortly before 10 p.m. Law enforcement was called because of the man’s alleged attempt to pass the fake $10. He had fled the service station before law enforcement got to the scene.

The next day, at around 4 p.m., the man went to the same store and had the female with him. She looked as if she was injured with marks on her face. This time, he did not try to use the counterfeit money, but the employees recognized him from the earlier incident. Law enforcement was again called. The man fled to the woods near the store. They were both caught. The man had the counterfeit bill – it had been marked by a worker the previous night. He was also in possession of another $400 in bills believed to be counterfeit. The woman claimed the man had taken her without her consent.

Any criminal charge can cause problems in a person’s life, but when the charges are related to violence and counterfeiting, there may be hefty consequences for a conviction. After an arrest, people frequently forget their rights. Anything they say to law enforcement may be used in a criminal trial. Before doing or saying anything, it is imperative to contact a legal professional with experience in helping clients to deal with criminal charges and consider the options.

There are various ways to effectively confront criminal allegations. These include calling the investigation into question, crafting an agreement to reduce the charges, or going to trial to seek an acquittal. To be fully protected from the start, this man needs to be cognizant of the legal violations he is accused of and take the necessary steps to confront them. Advice from an advocate with a history of assisting those in criminal law cases could be crucial.