Crime spree ends with arrest of four teenagers

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

Four teenagers from Grand Rapids are now in police custody after they were alleged to have engaged in a one-night crime spree that involved breaking and entering, robbery and car theft. The facts of the spree are fairly simple, but the effect on the boys’ future will be much harder to predict.

The Isabella County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an alarm at a local AT&T Store. When deputies reached the scene, they found that the front door had been forced open. An inspection of the store revealed several broken display cases and missing merchandise.

Later that evening, Midland County sheriff’s deputies began chasing an automobile carrying teenagers who were believed to be the persons who broke into the AT&T store. The car being chased by police ended when the suspects’ car hit an obstacle. Two of the teenagers were arrested at the crash scene, and the other two were apprehended later.

The car that the teenagers were using had been reported as stolen. When police searched the car, they found several items from the AT&T Store. Two of the suspects were carrying other items that had been stolen. Isabella County deputies were able to connect the four teens to other, similar robberies in Fremont and Kent County.

The four teenagers face multiple criminal charges. The news reports did not mention any prior criminal activity by any of the four suspects, but regardless of whether any of the teenagers has prior criminal conduct on his record, each of the four could be facing criminal charges that will haunt their entire lives.

In such circumstances, a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney could provide a useful evaluation of the evidence and an estimate of the likelihood of reaching a favorable plea agreement.