Defense strategies for those facing a DUI in Grand Rapids

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Drunk Driving |

Most drivers in the Grand Rapids area make a mistake at least once in their driving career. Some mistakes are more serious than others. One mistake that many people may make is driving after they have been drinking. These are serious offenses that are aggressively prosecuted in Michigan regardless of the circumstances.

Those who have been arrested for drunk driving in the Grand Rapids area can feel scared and alone. A drunk driving charge carries serious penalties including thousands of dollars in fines, license suspension, and even jail time. A legal professional who specializes in drunk driving defense can offer their client many drunk driving defenses based on the situation. One defense may be that the officer did not have probable clause to pull their client over in the initial traffic stop. Another defense may be that the field sobriety test was inaccurate.

An attorney may also challenge the breathalyzer used at the scene and whether there were intervening factors in the test including their client vomiting or having indigestion. The breathalyzer may also not be properly maintained or calibrated properly. Or an attorney may claim that their client’s blood alcohol content was in the legal limit when they were driving but rose between the time of the traffic stop and the administration of the breathalyzer test.

An attorney who represents those who are facing drunk driving charges understands that their client is not a bad person just someone who is facing a serious situation. An attorney has years of experience representing clients who have found themselves in a serious situation where their future is at stake. They can offer their client hope in a situation that feels hopeless. They understand the defensive strategies that can work and make sure to put their client’s needs first.

No one is perfect and when someone is facing serious criminal charges, they need someone who can represent their interests and protect their legal rights. Everyone deserves the right to be treated fairly.