Who Is the Best Criminal Lawyer in Grand Rapids?

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The Sixth Amendment grants American citizens the right to legal representation if they are facing criminal charges. That means if you cannot afford to hire a criminal attorney, the state will assign a public defender to assist you throughout the proceedings.

According to The Atlantic, though, defendants in Michigan are not required to have legal representation during their first court appearance. Thus, if they cannot afford to hire their own attorney, the state will not assign one until after their arraignment. If you are facing criminal charges and you want to have access to quality legal guidance from the start, you will have to hire private counsel. Although the attorney fees may be an unanticipated expense, an experienced criminal lawyer may be able to negotiate for lesser charges, a reduced sentence, or the dismissal of your case. Additionally, since public defenders are often overworked, they rarely have enough time to delve into the circumstances of any one client’s case in order to devise the most strategic defense. Private attorneys tend to have a lesser caseload and can therefore spend more time focusing on individual cases. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money on legal counsel, you want the best representation possible. But how can you go about determining who is the best criminal lawyer in Grand Rapids? This article will help you answer that question. If you are looking for an aggressive attorney with a track record of successful case outcomes, contact Gordon & Hess, PLC. Our team has 30 years of combined experience defending clients throughout west Michigan. Call 616-369-7452 to schedule a case evaluation. Read on to learn about some of the most important qualities to look for in a criminal attorney:

  1. Resourcefulness

The best attorneys not only have access to essential legal resources, but they also know how to use them to their advantage in order to help clients. For example, you do not just want a lawyer who can research relevant precedents and local regulations; you also want someone who will review all evidence of the transgression from every angle in order to find details that may contribute to a solid defense.

  1. Trial Experience

Because there is always the chance that your case will end with a trial, it is essential to find an attorney who will maintain a professional demeanor in front of the judge and can teach you about proper courtroom etiquette. Criminal proceedings are formal, systematic, and intimidating, and only a seasoned trial lawyer will be able to help you navigate them with graceful ease.

  1. Confidence

Over the course of the criminal proceedings, your attorney will have to make last-minute decisions, take calculated risks, and adapt to surprises. The best lawyers are confident without being arrogant, and they always remain calm for their client’s sake in even the most stressful scenarios. If you need a criminal attorney in Grand Rapids, contact Gordon & Hess, PLC. Call 616-369-7452 to schedule a consultation.