Want to Avoid Handcuffs on Independence Day? 4 Tips from a Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Donuts with Flags and July 4th

Residents of Grand Rapids are gearing up for Independence Day. Whether you plan to enjoy the Amway Family Fireworks in downtown, hit the bars, or party at a friend’s house, there are steps you should take to stay safe and avoid being arrested on July Fourth. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, approximately 200 people die in alcohol-related crashes every Fourth of July. Unfortunately, drunk drivers aren’t the only dangers on alcohol-infused holidays.  These four tips can help you avoid being injured or arrested:

  1. Avoid confrontation;
  2. Do not drive;
  3. Host a party;
  4. And use a rideshare company.

If you wind up facing OWI charges, contact Gordon & Hess, PLC. Daniel B. Hess Jr. is a criminal defense attorney in Grand Rapids who can evaluate your charges and aggressively represent your interests. Call 616-369-7452 to schedule a free consultation. You can also learn more about OWI laws in Michigan by visiting USAttorneys.com. Here are four tips that can help you avoid being arrested on Independence Day:

  1. Avoid Confrontation

Alcohol makes some people belligerent and argumentative. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a significant percentage of violent criminal acts involve alcohol. If you go out on July Fourth, be proactive about avoiding confrontation. Keep your distance from people who appear argumentative, and help friends calm down if a fight appears imminent.

  1. Do Not Drive

The best way to avoid OWI charges is not to drive on Independence Day. If your plans include a few drinks, then arrange alternative transportation, or rent a hotel room. You could also designate a sober driver.

  1. Host a Party

Hosting a party is a fun way to stay off the road while protecting your friends and family. Create a space for people to stay overnight so they do not feel obligated to drink and drive As the host, you must be proactive about preventing intoxicated driving. If your friend appears drunk, request that he or she stays the night or calls a taxi. If your friend insists on driving, then take his or her keys until a taxi arrives. Here are a few popular taxi companies in Grand Rapids:

  1. Use a Rideshare Company

Both Lyft and Uber offer rideshare services in Grand Rapids. These are often cheaper and more convenient than traditional taxis. Even if you are not splitting the fare with friends, the cost of a rideshare is much cheaper than the expense of an OWI. If you are facing OWI charges in Michigan, contact Gordon & Hess, PLC. Daniel B. Hess Jr. is a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer who will evaluate your charges and explain the potential outcomes of your case. Our attorneys have been practicing law for more than 30 years combined. Call 616-369-7452 to schedule a free consultation.