4 Signs Your Marriage Could End in Divorce – Insights from a Grand Rapids Family Law Attorney

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Divorce Marriage Process and the Ugly Truth

Getting divorced is a difficult and life-altering decision. Parting ways with a spouse is never easy, but it often leads to healthy and positive changes for both parties.   There are several signs that indicate a marriage is heading for divorce, but each relationship is different. In many cases, counseling can improve communication and help couples resolve disputes and strengthen their marriage. If this does not work, or if there is abuse in the relationship, then getting divorced may be a wise decision. If you are considering divorce in Michigan, contact a Grand Rapids family law attorney from Gordon & Hess, PLC. We can help you avoid mistakes and protect your personal and financial interests. Call 616-369-7452 to schedule a free and confidential half-hour consultation. You can also learn more about divorce laws in Michigan by visiting www.USAttorneys.com. Here are four signs that your marriage may be heading for divorce:

  1. The relationship is not adding happiness to the life of either you or your partner.

A marriage should enhance the lives of both you and your spouse. If the union is making either you or your partner unhappy, then divorce is a possibility.

  1. The marriage feels like an obligation.

Many spouses feel like their marriages are obligations long before they decide to get divorced. If you often imagine romantic relationships with other partners, or if you intentionally avoid spending time with your spouse, then you may end up getting divorced.

  1. You fantasize about being single or with another partner.

According to Woman’s Day, daydreaming about life without your spouse is one of the most serious signs that your marriage is heading for divorce. This can happen before you even consider divorce, and it is often the result of feeling hopeless in your marriage.

  1. You have exhausted all options to save your marriage.

Every marriage has hills and valleys. As the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains, couples must make an effort to resolve their problems and not give up prematurely. Marriage counseling can help spouses communicate about problems in the relationship such as drug use, infidelity, domestic violence and financial problems. However, if all attempts to save your marriage fail, it may be time to consider divorce. Although these are four common signs of impending divorce, they do not apply to all marriages. Also, this is not a complete list. According to Health Central, other signs that your marriage may be heading for divorce include:

  • A lack of intimacy between you and your spouse;
  • Constant arguments with your partner;
  • A lack of respect for your spouse;
  • And not liking who you are when you are with your partner.

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