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Planning for holiday travel with your children after divorce

As we approach the holidays, many divorced parents may be planning to travel with their children to visit family or take a vacation. Before you make any plans, particularly if they involve traveling outside Michigan or across the border into Canada, it’s crucial to...

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Is your marriage heading toward divorce?

Most people can’t pinpoint one specific incident that led to their divorce. Instead, there are usually a bunch of little things that caused the marriage to dissolve slowly.  Knowing the signs that a marriage is failing may help you to prepare for a divorce or to try...

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What are the downsides to birdnesting?

You may have heard of the positive aspects of "birdnesting," which is when two divorced parents allow the children to stay in the family home. These parents then set up a custody schedule where they move in and out of that house, allowing them each to have custody at...

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