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Divorce doesn’t always mean selling the house 

One of your options for the house, if you’re getting divorced, is to sell it. This often does make things easy. You can divide other assets simply by splitting up items, but you can’t divide the house. If you sell it, that turns it into a financial asset, which you...

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How a DUI conviction can affect child custody proceedings

A DUI conviction will likely affect child custody decisions even when it does not result in jail time. This is because the child's best interests always take priority in custody proceedings, and anything that could risk their well-being informs the court's decision....

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How do I talk about divorce to my children?

You may be considering talking about your divorce to your children. It may not be an easy conversation, but it is a necessary one. If your children hear about your divorce from you first, it could protect them from the news getting out from someone else – which could...

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