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What are the potential penalties for drug possession?

There are many different drugs that people use in Michigan. They have different purposes and many times they are useful if people take them with a valid prescription. However, there many people who take these drugs without a valid prescription and there are others who...

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Living together complicates finances

The ongoing pandemic has contributed to the trend of unmarried couples choosing to live together. But non-married couples, like over half of all married spouses, end their relationships. Married and unmarried couples should take steps to protect their property or they...

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Money secrets can lead to divorce or influence property division

Do you keep any secrets from your spouse? If so, you’re not alone. Whether it’s to avoid an argument or to spare someone’s feelings, we all tell a fib or lie by omission from time to time. But is it ok to lie about something as important as money? Most people would...

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