Month: February 2020

How do I talk about divorce to my children?

You may be considering talking about your divorce to your children. It may not be an easy conversation, but it is a necessary one. If your children hear about your divorce from you first, it could protect them from the news getting out from someone else – which could...

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How to peacefully and effectively co-parent through prom season 

Prom is among the highlights of most kids’ high school years – especially their senior prom. For parents, it’s a mix of excitement, nostalgia for their own prom and concern about their child’s safety. For separated and divorced parents, there’s typically an extra...

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3 benefits of creating a parenting plan

Child custody is an integral part of a divorce involving children. In Michigan, a child has a right to parenting time with each parent unless stated otherwise by a judge. Thus, it will help to create a plan to ensure your kid(s) are well taken care of after your...

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