Month: February 2020

What are the downsides to birdnesting?

You may have heard of the positive aspects of "birdnesting," which is when two divorced parents allow the children to stay in the family home. These parents then set up a custody schedule where they move in and out of that house, allowing them each to have custody at...

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Ensuring communication with your child as a long-distance parent

If you’re a long-distance parent following separation or divorce, you likely feel like you’re missing out on a lot. Maintaining regular communication can be challenging, even with so many options available. Even if your co-parent makes sure you can spend time with...

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Divorce when your spouse handled the finances

In many marriages, both people work together to handle the finances. But there are also many couples who essentially relegate that duty to one or the other. If your spouse was the one who handle all of your financial decisions and budgeting, and you are now going to...

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